Informative Videos about the Radiation emitted by Mobile Phones, Wi-Fi and Other Wireless Devices and Connections

The exposure to non-ionizing Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF/RF) is universal, manifold and uninterrupted. It will grow geometrically, and there is already a scattered inadvertent exposure. The dangers associated with it particularly affect children (cancer, effects on brain development and fertility).

For this reason, and on the basis of ongoing scientific evidence, the Cyprus Committee proposes the adoption of the Precautionary  Prinsiple and ALARA (As Low Exposure As Possible). The reduction of exposure is in our hands and is made possible by the application of good practices.

The Committee’s four videos on EMF/RF Radiation, regarding it’s effects on children, foetuses/pregnant women and teenagers  can be viewed below. All the videos contain English subtitles.

The President and the members of the Cyprus National Committee cordially thank Mr. Loucas Hamatsos for his consecutive non-profit participation in the informative videos on Electromagnetic Radiation Radiofrequency (EMF/RF), Ms Katerina Agapitou and Ms Marylia Giallouridou, also for their non-profit participation in the videos on pregnancy and the fetus and the latest one about young children, respectively, as well as all the participants for their voluntary contribution, the producer Mr. Miltos Hadjoulles, and everyone who assisted in the production of the videos.

New video of the Cyprus National Committee on Environment and Children’s Health titled: “Children learn to protect themselves from mobile phone and tablet radiation” – 2022

Video on the Archbishop Makarios Hospital Campaign – 2020

Brief video spot on the Archbishop Makarios Hospital Campaign – 2020

Short Promotional Film – 2019

Radiation and Children – 2015

Radiation and Pregnancy/Foetus – 2016

Radiation and Teenagers – 2017

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