Growing up healthy in a world of digital media. What parents and educators should know: How the use of digital media affects brain development?



Worldwide, smartphone and internet addiction, lack of exercise and exposure to the radiation of wireless technology are a major problem, especially among children. 

The following video is based on the world-renowned Neurobiologist –  Professor Gertraud Teuchert-Noodt’s reaserch, presenting the findings of neuroscience on children’s brain development under the influence of digital media, while also analysing the causes and proposing solutions. Leading Epidemiologist, Founder and President of Environmental Health Trust, Dr. Devra Lee Davis, also comments in the video. 

The video is available, in German (duration: 40 minutes), and also in a shorter form (duration: 18 minutes) in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian and Japanese . For further information on the German version please refer to:


Watch the English version below:

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