Guide on the Protection of the Fetus: "What You Need to Know About Wireless Radiation and Your Baby" (BabySafe Project)

The guide was freely translated into Greek in 2022, by the Cyprus National Committee on Environment and Children’s Health, with written approval of the creators of the original English version, and initiators of “The BabySafe Project”, i.e. the organizations “Grassroots Environmental Education” & “Environmental Health Trust”, to whom we are grateful. Its content is signed by 402 scientists, mainly doctors (gynecologists, paediatricians, etc.), biologists, researchers, health workers and others (number of signatories updated on 20/01/2022).

This guide is intended for distribution to pregnant women and new parents, with the aim of protecting the pregnant woman, the fetus and the child from the radiation of wireless technology. It is part of the long-term campaign of the Cyprus National Committee for informing the public and spreading awareness, titled: “Living with technology, children’s health remains an inalienable right and obligation of everyone”, and the current campaign: ” We are reducing active and passive exposure to the Radiation emmited by Mobile Phones, and Wi-Fi at the Archbishop Makarios the Third Hospital – Protecting the children”.

The booklet was published and printed by the Cyprus Press and Information Office, and will be promoted in collaboration with the Makarios III Hospital, the Center for Preventive Pediatrics “Amerikos Argyriou” and the Cyprus Society of Perinatal Medicine.

Digitally access the guide:

Greek version

English version

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