Common Position on 5G Deployment of the Cyprus Medical Association and the Cyprus National Committee of Environment and Children’s Health

- based on the Nicosia Declaration 2017

Common position of the Cyprus Medical Association (CyMA) and the Cyprus National Committee on Environment
and Children’s Health, based on the Nicosia Declaration 2017, on 5G Deployment, Submitted to Cyprus Parliamentary Health and Environment Committees 19/Sep/2019:


«The Risks to Public Health
from the use of the 5G networks»

Our position as Scientific Bodies will be formed on the basis of the Principles of Public Health Protection and the Nicosia Declaration 2017. It is based in particular on its Articles 2,3 and 5 and will be developed in the following pillars: We reserve the right to have our final written position formulated after all relevant data have been heard and given, in particular by the relevant Ministry of Communication on issues of effects, exposure and control methodology.

A key problem is the lack of reliable studies demonstrating that 5G is safe for health and showing at least an estimate of the overall exposure from the unrestricted application of 5G and the associated with 5G IoT (Internet of Things).

According to the 2019 Report for the European Parliament ( ›IDAN› IPOL_IDA (2019) 631060_EN), an increase in the exposure will be caused not only by 5G but also by potential aggregation and dynamic interaction with other signals. The key question is whether and to what extent – what conditions (e.g. restricting the development of 5G mainly for industrial applications – free zones) can reduce the exposure and potential impacts of 5G which have not yet been systematically and adequately investigated. Who will be liable for any immediate and especially long-term health impacts scientifically linked EMF/RF and 5G? For the above reasons, based on the latest scientific data 2019:

  1. We reaffirm the Declaration as a framework of Principles / and Recommendations relevant also to 5G, which falls within the Frequency Range accounted for in the Declaration 2017 (relevant bibliography is attached). We are deeply concerned about the open questions regarding the degree of additional exposure and possible different additional effects on Health.

As a first step, we recommend that the Parliament request the responsible for 5G deployment Ministry of Communications and Works to present:

a) the final implementation plan with relevant estimates of the additional exposure.

b) scientific evidence that health can be assured; and

c) confirm that there is a reliable methodology for measuring exposure and implement effective control (According to the Report for European Parliament * 2019 this is not the case).

* pg. 11-12 of the report 2019 for the Parliament “5G Deployment”
( › IDAN › IPOL_IDA(2019)631060_EN).

2. Under any circumstances for us the red line is the implementation of immediate measures to reduce exposure to the maximum possible extent and the application of the Precautionary Principle to protect Children. Exposure reduction must be regulated by legislation that provides:

a) Implementing 5G-free protection zones for schools, playgrounds and hospitals. Any mobile needs will be served by the existing 3G / 4G network. On the other hand, the high speeds for any medical applications can be via wired fiber optic. Applying biologically safe exposure criteria e.g. EUROPAEM European Association for Environmental Medicine 2016, to the above sites.

b) PROHIBITING the use of wireless internet and wireless devices e.g. tablets and mobile phones in kindergartens and schools at least up to Gymnasium (private and public) according to the French Legislation 2018. Promoting Wired Internet.

3. The Parliament must safeguard “the Right to Know” and to call on the Ministries of Health and Education and Culture to support through a multifaceted campaign the responsible information on the potential impact on Health and good practices for safe- rational use of Technology. Campaign will primarily focus on children (schools), parents and the public in general. Extreme enthusiasm for the use of uncontrolled and unnecessary commercial applications should be restricted. The ignorance that any such application causes additional exposure and risks to the health of children in particular must be addressed. In this case, we are particularly concerned about abusing of the IoT (Internet Of Things) capabilities with unnecessary applications (e.g. smart home, control of food supplies, diaper changing devices… which will constantly irradiate the child, etc.). The public MUST be informed that all these will be done with significant additional exposure in home to a (among other) potentially carcinogenic and neurotoxic agent while simultaneously exacerbating the problem of ADDICTION. The Campaign must be “science based” with the input of primarily health specialists, doctors, biologists, toxicologists, and with additional contribution from stakeholders such as teachers and parents associations. The scientific responsibility for the content will lie with the Cyprus Medical Association and the National Committee on Environment and Children’s Health. Teachers will contribute to design material appropriate for children.


Dr. Petros Agathangelou

President of the Cyprus Medical Association

Dr. Andreas Hadjisavvas

Vice-President of the Cyprus National Committee
on Environment and Children’s Health

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