Lectures on Non-Ionizing Radiation - 15/01/2019

On January 15, at 12:00, Dr Stella Canna Michaelidou and Dr Michalis Anastasiades informed the medical practitioners working at Archbishop Makarios III Hospital on critical issues related to Electromagnetic Radiation. The lecture consisted of 2 parts, covering the subject with a comprehensive scientific approach, and providng practical tools for the medical act.  


  • Dr Stella Canna Mihailidou (President of the Commission):
    “The Effect of Non-Ionizing Radiation of Mobile, Wi-Fi, etc. on Child Health: Scientific Documentation and Measures”


  • Dr Michael Anastasiadis (Paediatrician):
    “Electronic Hypersensitivity: Diagnosis and Treatment Practices”

    The presentations can be found below in PDF format:

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