Press Conference 24/06/2019

- presentation of the 2019 Campaign "Living with Technology, Children's Health Remains their Inexplicable Right and our Own Obligation"

On the 24th of June, 2019, the 2019 Campaign of the National Committee on Environment and Children’s Health was presented during a Press Conference. The title of the campaign is:


“Living with Technology, Children’s Health Remains
their Inexplicable  Right and our Own Obligation”


The Minister of Health, Mr Constantinos Ioannou expressed his full support both for the work of the Cyprus Committee on Environment and Children’s Health, as well as the campaign targeting to reduce the exposure to radiation.

In his address he stated that:

«the Ministry of Health, recognizing the role and importance of the Committee, provides substantial support to its actions, while at the same

time is taking advantage/exploiting  the  expertise of the members of the Committee, in targeting and shaping policies and actions that contribute towards the protection of children’s health”, and added: “Our goal is to ensure the children’s right to grow and develop in a safe environment away from environmental hazards that can cause problems either during childhood, or in their adult life. On the basis of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Nicosia Declaration 2017 of the Cyprus Medical Association, the Vienna/Austrian Medical Chambers and the Cyprus National Committee on Environment and Children’s Health, and other relevant decisions taken at European and international level, our efforts/action  will focus to limit as far as possible the unreasonable use  of electronic means of communication and its consequences”. 


He also mentioned that:

«The Ministry of Health recognizes that the results of research on the health effect of the  electronic cloud (i.e from EMF/RF) and other negative environmental phenomena are no longer considered as hypotheses. But these are rather scientific evidence demonstrating the harmful effects of human exposure to an altered natural environment on physical, spiritual and mental human health».

The full speech is available in Greek here.

The press release, the speeches, Dr Stella Canna Michailidou’s Presentation on the latest data on the risks of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF/RF) and good practices for the reduction of exposure, and the timetable the press conference are available below:

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