"A Little Chat" - Music video on cell phone safety by Aspen Jacquet and "Alarm Clock Films", Environmental Health Trust production

Music Video On Cell Phone Safety Released by Jackson Hole High School Teenagers

“A Little Chat”, a music video on cell phone safety by Aspen Jacquet shows why and how to reduce cell phone radiation

In 2015 Environmental Health Trust (EHT) released the award-winning music video “A Little Chat” that was directed and produced by Peter Prestrud of Alarm Clock Films, stars singer and songwriter Aspen Jacquet, winner of the EHT Grand Prize 2015 “Practice Safe Tech Contest”, plus several teenagers from Jackson Hole High School, and was shot in Jackson Hole Wyoming, USA.

The song is about safer ways to use cell phones and specifically, how to reduce radiation exposure. Jacquet sings how she always practices safe technology, by “using a headset”, “keeping the phone off her body”, “never sleeping with the phone in the bed”, and “never posting anything her grammy wouldn’t want to see”.

The video also features EHT scientific animations of cell phone radiation absorbed by the brains of children. According to Dr. Devra Davis, “These animations provide a powerful visual image of how this invisible radiation actually penetrates and is absorbed by brains”.

About the singer and songwriter, Aspen Dawn Jacquet started playing the guitar at age 8, which led her to start writing songs at age 10. In her free time, she loves playing the guitar, doing musical theater and playing the piano and ukulele. She grew up being educated on the importance of using technology safely by her mother. About the song she stated that: “This is an issue that is close to home because I’m around young adults every day all day who use technology unsafely. They text and drive, they put their cell phones in their pants pocket and up to their ears. Because of this, I was really motivated to write a song about little ways that can make a big difference when it comes to keeping themselves safe where technology is concerned”.

“A Little Chat” is teenager-made and teenager-directed, and is available for use by schools, local theatres and television programs with acknowledgement of EHT production. Information about how to launch a similar program in your school system and other programs is available at www.ehtrust.org.

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