No mobile in French Schools

France has banned mobile phones in schools

Positions 5G 240919

Common Position of the Cyprus Medical Association and the Cyprus National Committee of Environment and Children’s Health on 5G, as submitted to the Parliament

Campaign at the Archbishop Makarios III Hospital

«We are redusing active and passive exposure to the Radiation emmited by Mobile Phones, and Wi-Fi at the Archbishop Makarios the Third Hospital – Protecting the children»

Radiation and Children

Advisory Video of the National Committee on Environment and Children’s Health, on the Protection of Children from Electromagnetic Radiation
(English Subtitles)

Radiation and Pregnancy / Foetus

You can watch the video prepared by the National Committee of”Child’s Environment and Health” on the effect of electromagnetic radiation on pregnant women and the fetus. (English subtitles)

Protection of Teenagers from Electromagnetic Radiation

Advisory Video of HEPA on the Protection of Adolescents from Electromagnetic Radiation – (English Subtitles)

The Minister of Health supports the work of the Cyprus Committeeon environment and Children's Health and the ongoing campaign on the reduction of exposure.

In his address on the 24th of June 2019 he stated that “the Ministry of Health recognizes that the results of research on electronic cloud (i.e. from EMF/RF) and other negative environmental phenomena are no longer considered as hypotheses, but are rather scientific evidence demonstrating the harmful effects of the exposure of modern humans to an altered natural environment on physical, spiritual and mental health”.

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France has banned mobile phones in schools

By applying the Precautionary Principle, France is taking the lead in taking Legislative Measures to protect children from the effects of non-ionizing radiation on mobile phones, Wi-Fi, mobile internet and from other sources. In 2015 Wi-Fi was banned in kindergartens and other locations for three year olds, and additional restrictive measures were taken for elementary schools. From September 2019, the use of mobile phones and…

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Educational Seminar - 31/10/19

The 16th Annual Educational Seminar of the National Committee on Environment and Children’s Health, which is co-organised with the Cyprus Pediatric Society is sheduled to take place on the 31st…

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Objective of our web page is the briefing and sensitization on the environmental dangers, which threat the children’s health.

The National Committee on Envrironment and Children’s Health was recommended in 2004 with decision of the Ministry Council. Our mission is the protection of foetuses and children from environmental dangers, which can threat their health, as well as the promotion of a healthy and safe environment with the minimal possible exposure in unhygienic environmental factors, so they can be ensured of their bodily, intellectual and mental growth and the conditions of a healthy future life.

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Nicosia Declaration 2017

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